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Here's a simple guide on what to wear

Please make sure your outfit fits properly. Straps shouldn't be too tight or too loose, this can be distracting and take attention away from the photo

TAGS! Please try and cut these off if you can, this can also be distracting

Try and stick with simple designs, patterns that are too busy can also be distracting, we want the focus to be on your lovely face and body!


Outfit options


Bra and Panty sets







Garter belts with stockings (plain or mesh stockings)

Robes (be aware these tend to hide the body and give it no shape, but they can be a good prop to work with)

Plain tank tops with matching colour thong or panty

Your man's favourite shirt on you

Heels or bare-feet

Nothing at all!

(Just remember to try and keep everything matching if you can)


To be honest, no one colour is greater than another, this is about what you love and what colours make you feel your best. However, I would recommend staying away from neon colours (bright lime green, highlighter yellow, hot pinks etc)  as these colours photograph very harsh. Think about how colours feel: dark colours feel dramatic and bold, bright colours feel festive, neutral colours feel grounded, pastel colours feel soft.

If you have trouble choosing, please bring a few options or whatever you have with you to your session, and I can help you decide on the day.

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Photography Boudoir Photographer
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Outdoor Boudoir Photography

the right collur.jpg
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