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Hey! So glad you stopped by!

I'm Samantha, your quiet, friendly, Vancouver boudoir photographer, who lives in leggings 95% of the time. For almost ten years Iv'e been empowering women to step out of their comfort zones, let go of their inhibitions and give into the intimate, sexy, and glamorous art that is boudoir photography.

And you know what? I absolutely love it!

I'm a busy mom of three, so I definitely know what it's like giving up that part of yourself to care for others and that constant feeling of feeling unattractive and exhausted. I love dressing up for date nights and special occasions, so when those moments come, I feel strong, sexy, empowered, and simply good about myself.

I know other women feel the same way and I'm here to show you, you are more than just a mother, wife, worker or all three. You are a beautiful busy woman who deserves to be celebrated and pampered, no matter age, shape or ethnicity. We all deserve to feel loved and good about ourselves.

Fun facts about me:

  • I'm a girly girl at heart

  • I love anything baby pink

  • I have 3 amazing fun loving kids

  • Spending time with friends and family feeds my soul

  • Extra hot caramel macchiatos are my fave

  • I'm obsessed with leggings

  • Clothes shopping until my feet hurt!

  • My dream dog - Malamute husky

  • Love being tanned

  • Sunsets and cocktails

  • Dancing! I love to ballroom & luminesque

Boudoir photography is a glamorous and intimate experience that is meant to highlight luxury, romance, and sensuality. It's a journey of self expression and self discovery that I am privileged to be part of. When I'm behind the lens, I don't see flaws, I see art. So there is ABSOLUTELY zero judgment from me. I'm here to make YOU feel your best.

When we work together, we're creating more than just beautiful photos for you. We are acknowledging how strong, vibrant and important you are.

Get in touch!

If we sound like a match then please send me an email. I can't wait to help you let your world fall away and show you how beautiful you truly are.

I promise we'll have fun, we'll dress up (with access to my client closet) we'll laugh, and you'll get to remember this version of yourself forever.

Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be You

Let's make you feel like the Woman you were meant to be.

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