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  • I've never done this before, what should I expect?
    That's ok! I have photographed many first timers. It is my pleasure being your guide from beginning to end. All you have to do is show up and have fun while I do my thing.
  • Do you provide hair and makeup? Cause I need help!
    Absolutely, I will send you my Makeup Artist's contact info upon request.
  • Will my images be made public?
    That is totally up to you. I will send a media release form before I send your images to you. They don't have to be public if you don't feel comfortable about it.
  • What do I wear?
    This is totally up to you. I will send a wardrobe suggestion guide once we have booked your session. If your still not sure what to wear, please bring what you have, and I can help you with deciding. I do always suggest staying away from bright neon colors but if that's your thing, we will make it work. Feel free to check out my Wardrobe page as well for more details.
  • Where do I go shopping?
    These are just a few places I would recommend
  • Who chooses my photos?
    You do! I will send the preview photos within 1-2 days after your session for you to choose. After you have chosen your images, I will need between 1-2 weeks to complete the editing process and your images will be delivered to you.
  • Where can I have my session?
    Anywhere you'd like. Your home, a friend's place, Air B&B's, hotels, outdoors, or my place where I have a room setup specifically for Boudoir located in North Vancouver BC.
  • What can I do to prep for my session?
    Honestly? Nothing. Don't stress about looking a certain way, it will only make you more stressed! I'm here to photograph YOU as you are. If you would like to get your nails done then great! But don't feel the pressure to do so if you really don't want to. Be who you are. Bodycare: I would recommend not trying something you've never done before, like waxing or a face mask if you have sensitive skin, just in case you have a negative reaction. Even if it's a couple days before your shoot, don't even go there. Spray Tanning: I would just say no to this one. It would seem like a great idea, but in reality, orange streaks on the skin are very hard to edit and are not pleasant in photos.
  • What if I need to cancel my session?
    If you need to cancel your session, that's ok! But your deposit will not be refunded. If you would like to reschedule, then I will require another deposit to book. Cancelations interfere with other bookings and my own personal life. If I need to cancel myself for some reason, then I will personally refund you your deposit.
  • Anything I have missed?
    Please send me an email and I can answer any questions or concerns you may have
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